Discord Big Brother is a series of seasons hosted on Discord by Malogen and Dry. There have been a total of 3 seasons so far, with 2 official seasons.

Past winners:

Season 0 (non-official): Troxy

Season 1: Ryan in 5-4 vote over Kiiaran

Season 2: Wyatt in 5-4 vote over Ryan


Discord Big Brother is based off the popular reality game show, Big Brother. Houseguests compete in Head of Household competitions to decide who becomes the Head of Household (HoH for short). As HoH, this player is immune from being evicted that week but must face the responsibility of nominating two of their fellow houseguests for eviction. Then, the HoH and the the two nominees will compete in a competion with three random houseguests for the Power of Veto necklace, which gives them the power to take one player off the block and force the HoH to rename a nominee. After the Power of Veto ceremony, a vote will be held, and the person with the most votes to leave the house will be evicted from the game. At a certain point, houseguests who are evicted from the house will become members of the jury, and once there are only 2 players left, the jury will vote for a winner.